Neurotransmitter Testing

The Role of the HPA-T Axis

The neuroendocrine division of the Communication System is a dynamic, interactive and integrated network of neurotransmitters and hormones designed to maintain homeostasis in the body, as a response to our ever-changing external environment.

Neurotransmitters and hormones communicate and work together as one system, defining the essence of the brain/body connection and the emotional and physiological response to perceived stress.

The Communication System is our internal barometer that responds to the second-by-second changes in our environment, and thereby maintains a unique, internal homeostatic balance. It is the body’s way of gathering and interpreting stress as good or bad, perceiving the environment as safe or dangerous, and then generating a range of physiologic reactions appropriate to this perception.

Communication System balance directly affects the function of the immune, gastrointestinal, cardiac, neurologic, genitourinary, psychiatric and virtually all body systems. Nowhere, however, is that balance more needed than during the stress response.

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